Whether designing printed graphics for shirts or performing talented voices behind the microphone, Elizabeth Teofilo is a hardworking, organized, creative and talented person.

Born and raised in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Elizabeth has a great interest in storytelling and drawing. She liked to recite her favorite Disney movie entirely, even speaking as the characters.

Growing up, she became involved in school plays and community theater, church choir, and the yearbook club which were the stepping stones to her career paths. Throughout college, Elizabeth gained a deeper interest in Graphic Design and began experience with Voice Acting at her own free time. She earned her first few payments as a voice actor, in the award winning “Thomas Creator Collective” on YouTube, and worked a semester internship with Straylight Literary Magazine. After graduating college, Elizabeth continued her passion of voice acting at home, while also taking on full time work. During her job experience, she gained interest with production design and signage to expand her skills. 

Enjoys hands-on creative work projects. Well organized in time management, multitasking, and maintaining project files.

Now with over 25k subscribers on YouTube, she currently works as a Production Graphic Design Artist at Redwall Screen Printing, while taking voice acting sessions with Peter Berkrot and the Lau Lapids company.

Graphic Design Resume